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Franchise Benefits

Go into Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

While some may be hesitant about licensing a franchise or unfamiliar with how franchising helps entrepreneurs to reach their goals, our experienced franchise team at Outdoor Living Brands has vast experience assisting entrepreneurs and business owners to learn our business models and scale them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

When you’re ready to pursue your entrepreneurial goals, give us a call at (800) 817-9791.

The Outdoor Living Brands franchise offers:

  • Marketing and advertising systems, including digital marketing, social media, and traditional marketing tactics to produce cost-effective leads
  • A sales methodology and strong branded sales collateral material to differentiate Outdoor Living Brands from its competitors and secure strong gross profit margins
  • A field services IT platform to help facilitate strong client communication during the installation process and efficient communication with clients throughout the relationship
  • Business management systems and a chart of accounts to assist franchisees to accurately track the financial performance of their businesses
  • An annual bench marking program to provide feedback to franchisees regarding key operating and financial benchmarks

Brand Recognition & Credibility

One of the biggest challenges that business owners face (no matter what their level of knowledge or experience) is getting their business off the ground and recognized in their local market. Establishing a company and a brand can be stressful and very expensive. Franchises already have brand recognition and customer loyalty, which gives franchise owners a much greater chance of succeeding when they open their business.

Outdoor Living Brands has a large client base and all three of our companies are the global leaders in their respective specialties. This power, track record, and credibility allows you to reduce the financial risk that new businesses face when launching a company.

Proven Business Models

Our business models have been tested and refined over the years through our investments and the best practices developed over the years through the combined collaborative work of the franchisor and the franchisees in the systems. Our team will help you through the learning curve of these proven models to avoid costly mistakes that could be made when going it alone.

Professional Training & Support

Franchisors want to see all their franchisees succeed, which is why they recognize the importance of training. Outdoor Living Brands offers thorough training that not only helps get franchisees off to a good start but also helps them grow the revenues and profitability of their business.

When you need assistance with your business, you can rest assured our skilled support team is always here to help. After all, your success is our success. From extensive marketing support to our proprietary technology platform, we have the resources and tools to help you support your business. We’ve assisted dozens and dozens of new franchisees launch operations, most without any experience in our respective industries.

Experience & Expertise

With three franchise systems that have 75+ years of combined experience, Outdoor Living Brands already has the tools and systems of a thriving business in place. Franchisees get to use our experience to their advantage, which ramps up their operations much faster than that of a stand-alone start-up operation.

Our expertise and proven business models will be passed down to you when you become a franchisee, providing you with a launchpad for your business. From cost-effective digital and traditional marketing systems to field operational procedures to IT systems to run the business efficiently, investing in a franchise will allow you to access these systems instead of having to develop them on your own.

Allow Outdoor Living Brands to help you reach your personal lifestyle, career, and financial goals or to diversify your current business and achieve even greater success. Contact us to learn more!

Cost of Goods Advantages

Joining a franchise system allows you to access cost of goods advantages over local competitors by accessing the favorable cost of goods negotiated by the franchisor on behalf of the franchisees by leveraging the size and scale of the systems’ purchasing power.

National & Regional Accounts

Some large brands will only do business with companies that can provide regional or national coverage of their services. Franchise systems allow business owners to access business from regional and national accounts that would not be accessible on their own.

Already a Business Owner?

If you are interested in giving your business a boost, Outdoor Living Brands can help you work toward your goals by converting your company into one of our nationally recognized brands. Finding new clients can drain any business owner’s resources, but with the help of our outdoor living franchise, you can secure new clients while maintaining your current customers. We have brand recognition, marketing tools, proven processes, IT systems, regional and national accounts, and many other resources you may need.

So, whether you’re looking to diversify an existing business or accelerate the growth of your company that is in one of our industry verticals, we encourage you to explore the benefits of franchising further. In fact, many of our franchisees that have other businesses have remarked that they’ve been able to take what they learned about systems, processes, and procedures from their franchise to improve the efficiency and profitability of their other business.

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The typical investment to open a franchise ranges from $75,000 - $150,000