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How Outdoor Living Brands is Constantly Adapting To Our Clients’ Needs

With over 75 years of combined experience, our three brands — Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives — offer designing, building, lighting, irrigating, and cleaning, services for millions of people across the country. Over the years, we’ve learned what it takes to run some of the most successful residential and commercial outdoor living services.

Transforming and Maintaining Outdoor Spaces Since 2008

Our brands have not only survived the COVID-19 pandemic, but many of them have thrived. As a recession-resistant and essential business, we were able to continue working on existing projects while taking on new customers and opportunities. That being said, we still worked quickly to ensure we took every safety precaution according to the CDC.

Putting Your Health and Safety First

As a national franchise, we require each of our locations to operate under the direction of their state’s guidelines and national health organizations. This includes:

  • Regularly washing their hands with soap and water.
  • Using alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Avoiding close contact with others and practicing social distancing.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently used materials and surfaces.
  • Providing touchless and online payment options.
  • Staying home if they’re running a fever, not feeling well, or showing any symptoms of being sick.

To ensure our franchise owners were able to maintain their business, we’ve made it easier than ever to reach out to clients. Recently, we began offering design consultations and meetings online. During in-person meetings, we’ll maintain social distancing while taking any necessary measurements or photos. We can also provide digital contracts that are signed electronically to minimize in-person contact.

Focusing on What Matters

We don’t just work outdoors, we protect the outdoors. Conserva Irrigation is the only national outdoor irrigation company founded on the concept of water conservation. Since 2010, founder Russ Jundt and his business partner have made water conservation the forefront of their business.

“Fresh, beautiful water [was] just being spewed out onto lawns, streets, sidewalks and parking lots, with no thought behind it at all,” Russ said. “It was sickening. I couldn’t stand it.”

Unlike other brands, Conserva uses technology designed to reduce water use by up to 60 percent, without sacrificing lawn or landscape quality.

“We want to create more financially independent franchise owners and do it in a way that is promoting, protecting and preserving Earth’s beautiful fresh water,” Russ continued. “That’s a healthy one-two punch: make great money, do it in the right way.”

Is Outdoor Living Brands the Right Fit for You?

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented number of layoffs, causing many people to put their career on hold or leave it altogether. Entrepreneurship offers a lot of advantages, so it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to it. Owning a recession-resistant business provides you with opportunities a traditional 9-5 never will, like the ability to take control of your future, be your own boss, and make your own schedule. 

Entrepreneurs are forward-thinking, meaning this isn’t just a decision they make for themselves but their family as well. Many business owners are passionate about the work they do and hope to one day pass down the family business to their children, securing their financial future as well.

Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. is the market-leading franchisor of premium residential and commercial outdoor living services with multiple established national brands — Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Get started with us today!