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How Conserva Irrigation is Prioritizing Eco-Friendly Practices

Water conservation isn’t just something we practice, it’s a priority we were founded on. Conserva Irrigation was founded in 2010 after Russ Jundt couldn’t find an irrigation franchise that matched his own goals and interests.

Within three months of opening their doors, Russ and his business partner had more than 300 clients. Since franchising in 2017, the brand has grown to more than 90 territories in the U.S.

Conserva Irrigation and Water Conservation

“Water is important to people, so is great service and having a pristine green and lush landscape. But doing so by using the right amount of water is important,” said Russ.

Because Conserva Irrigation uses technology designed to reduce water use by up to 60 percent, without sacrificing lawn or landscape quality, we save our customers both money and water. Take Target for example — Conserva helped the retailer save 250 million gallons of water in just three seasons.

The Future of Conserva Irrigation

Russ hopes to grow his franchise from 300 to 400 locations by 2025 and be the largest irrigation company.

“We want to create more financially independent franchise owners and do it in a way that is promoting, protecting and preserving Earth’s beautiful fresh water,” Russ said. “That’s a healthy one-two punch: make great money, do it in the right way.”

Are you ready to take your future into your own hands? No matter your professional background, Conserva Irrigation offers the opportunity to gain professional and financial freedom.

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