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Conserva Irrigation Franchise Owners Found Rapid Success with Sustainable Work

Conserva Irrigation Franchise Owners Found Rapid Success with Sustainable Work

Prioritizing eco-friendly practices in conserving water is paying off for two franchise owners interested in doing good for their community. After opening in 2018, Ellie and Juan Lamonaca experienced exceptional growth thanks to strong support from Conserva Irrigation along with an increasing desire for homeowners to invest in their property.

While Ellie knew the franchise industry, both she and Juan were brand new to irrigation and sustainable practices when starting their business. But thanks to Conserva Irrigation having more extensive knowledge in the industry than any other irrigation franchise, and the consistent support provided, the Lamonaca’s were able to hit the ground running.

Creating Change for the Good

Seeing water consciousness revolutionize the irrigation industry, Juan mentions his passion for educating customers on efficiency and how beneficial saving water is.

“Obviously, we all go into business to make money, but it’s very special when you’re in a business where you’re also doing something to create a change for our environment,” he says. “Being able to do things that will help sustain our environment longer is our favorite part.”

Covering three territories throughout South Florida and parts of Palm Beach, the couple uses social responsibility as a driving factor.

They’re improving the world one yard at a time by:

  • Suggesting design improvements to current irrigation systems.
  • Replacing inefficient or broken sprinkler heads with head-to-head coverage that mimics rainfall as closely as possible.
  • Upgrading controls and sensors to adjust watering based on real-time weather patterns.

“Becoming a franchisee was life-changing” – Ellie Lamonaca

Breaking Into Franchising: The Process

So, how did they find such a great opportunity?

Step 1: Let’s Chat

Upon initiating a discovery conversation, the Lamonaca’s collaborated with Conserva Irrigation staff to discuss environmental concerns, living well, and innovation while learning about the Conserva business model.

Step 2: Collaboration

Once the initial discussion was had and a mutual interest began developing, another meeting was set to continue the conversation.

Step 3: FDD Review

The couple then took time to review the Franchise Disclosure Document, discuss potential funding options and have any financial questions answered.

Step 4: Validation

The Lamonaca’s got to know other franchisees who spoke about their real-life experiences in the irrigation business to help Ellie and Juan determine whether Conserva Irrigation felt like a good fit.

Step 5: Confirmation Day

From there, franchise ownership became confirmed, the Lamonaca’s met their support team and started the journey to growing an innovative business model and becoming a part of something great.

“Our biggest mentors are the other franchisees,” Ellie says. “All of these guys and women are always accessible.”

With coaches having 30-40 years of experience in the industry alongside extensive knowledge from manufacturers like Toro and Hunter, Conserva Irrigation sets the bar for reducing landscaping water use by up to 60 percent. Not only does this aid in protecting the environment, but it also preserves precious resources.

Conserva Irrigation offers franchisees solutions for:

  • Marketing Strategies and Collateral
  • Operational Practices
  • Sales, Finance, and Accounting
  • Business Account Management
  • Training Local Teams
  • Technology and Equipment

All franchisees receive tremendous amounts of support to serve their customers well, with initial training, annual meetings, and ongoing webinars. We are proud to see such inspirational success from our passionate franchisees.

Are you passionate about connecting on a human level, having a positive impact on your community, and saving people money on their monthly bills? Reach out to our Conserva Irrigation franchise team and become the landscape irrigation expert in your neighborhood.