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Strong Consumer Demand Drove Archadeck’s Growth in 2020

Throughout the pandemic, millions of people who had previously spent their days in an office, spending time with family, and going out with friends found themselves staying at home for months at a time.

Suddenly, home projects became a major priority for homeowners who now had the time and desire to expand their outdoor living space. According to Franchise Times, home improvement franchises led the segment with $2.9 billion in sales — an 11.2 percent increase from 2019.

Archadeck Led the Outdoor Living Space Industry

Archadeck currently sits at number 327 on the Franchise Times Top 400 and enjoyed a 36 percent sales growth in 2020, to $74 million.

“We saw increasingly strong consumer demand for outdoor living spaces, which we design and build at Archadeck, as consumers spent more time at home riding out COVID and put an emphasis on home maintenance and improvement,” said Chris Grandpre, CEO of Archadeck’s parent company Outdoor Living Brands, Inc..

Archadeck Opened Eight Locations in 2020

The idea that it takes several months to open a franchise is one were proud to disprove at Archadeck. Over the years, we’ve revitalized our onboarding process and developed a new quick-start program that helps franchise owners open their doors and start serving the community faster than ever before.

“We found having someone really dedicated to that first 90 to 120 days, helping prepare franchisees with pre-training exercises, and coming through the training program all work to get businesses to launch right after training,” said Grandpre.

Not only does our Quick Start Program get a franchisee’s business up and running in a matter of weeks, but it also gives people without traditional business experience the opportunity to learn what it takes to run an Archadeck franchise (or one of Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. other franchises).

Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. is the market-leading franchisor of premium residential and commercial outdoor living services with multiple established national brands — Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Get started with us today!