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Outdoor Living Brands is Posting Strong Growth

While, unfortunately, many of our peers across the franchise industry had to deal with significant negative business ramifications from COVID, our businesses focused on exterior home maintenance and improvement, all experienced record growth in 2020.

As Americans hunkered down to ride out COVID and adapted to spending more time at home to work and facilitate remote learning for their children, the focus on the home became even stronger than normal. While home ownership and home improvement have always been the core American values that support the long-term demand for our businesses, the pandemic-induced lifestyle shifts in 2020 have dramatically increased market demand.

Our three franchise businesses, Archadeck Outdoor Living, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Conserva Irrigation each posted in 2020 the strongest growth years in their 25+, 20+ and 3+ year plus histories, respectively. Compared to 2019, Archadeck sales were up 36%, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives sales increased 25%, and Conserva Irrigation sales were up 32%. And this trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down and may even be accelerating. For example, through mid-February, Archadeck sales were up 108% compared to the same 45-days at the beginning of last year.

It is now forecast that many American companies will begin offering remote work options to employees even after the pandemic subsides. As a result, some real estate experts are predicting a flight from urban to suburban areas due to this increased flexibility combined with concerns over living in densely populated areas during a pandemic. As such, our businesses are poised to be entering a sustained period of very strong demand.

These macroeconomic and societal shifts that, while triggered by the tragedy of a pandemic, provide an attractive backdrop for new franchisees to launch their businesses and shorten the time required to achieve break-even and reach the system AUV’s. As you work with candidates considering a franchise, we hope you’ll introduce these three proven, industry leading franchise opportunities that are supported by these strong market forces.