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Why Home Service Franchises Are Thriving

Individuals Are Craving Quieter Lives and More Outdoor Space

It is no secret that there has been a boom in the housing industry over the past few years. Individuals are making the move from their city apartments to the quiet suburbs and the younger demographic is helping drive the home service industry. They are looking for more room, a quieter life, and more outdoor space.

What does this mean for home service franchises such as the Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. family? The demand for our services is higher than ever and our franchisees are experiencing growth like never before.

Spending More Time at Home

The pandemic has had a seemingly permanent impact on the amount of time we spend in our homes. A recent report showed that 76% of homeowners completed at least one home improvement project since the pandemic began in 2020.

With 1 in 4 Americans now working remotely, there is an increase in the desire to make these improvements, additions, and upgrades to the home. And this desire will not soon disappear. Estimates indicate that by 2025, over 36 million Americans will be working from home, demonstrating that the need for home improvement professionals will continue to grow.

Creating spaces for homeowners to enjoy for a lifetime is something that franchises like Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can provide.

Home Improvement

While this great migration from city to suburb is happening, many individuals are not looking for the biggest or grandest of homes. More often, buyers are willing to purchase a house as is and make the necessary upgrades and renovations later on.

Many of these new homeowners are not equipped with the knowledge and handiwork skills to achieve the home of their dreams, and most know that not all projects are DIY friendly. As generations go on, less and less individuals possess the drive to work on home projects themselves. This is where they rely on home service businesses to expertly complete their projects — both indoors and outdoors.

Utilizing Outdoor Space

According to a survey of 2,000 Americans, 65% of homeowners have become more thankful for outdoor spaces since the beginning of the pandemic. With the ability to safely spend time with loved ones from a distance while outdoors at the height of the pandemic, this comes as no surprise.

Families have grown attached to the quality time spent in the great outdoors and are looking to continue the habit in a customized backyard. Outdoor lighting installations allow for the party to last through the night and increase the security of a property. Decks provide a safe and comfortable space to gather. Maintaining a beautiful lawn while conserving precious resources, like fresh water, is more important than ever.

Long gone are the days when simple patio furniture and potted plants will do for everyone. Homeowners want a professionally constructed and designed outdoor living area to impress, entertain, and enjoy for years to come.

Services are at Their Fingertips

With the advancement of technology comes the ability to find trusted home service businesses and book their services more easily. With a large number of those migrating from the city to the suburbs being Millenials and Gen Z, they are drawn to that technological ease and convenience of seeing a business’s previous work, reading reviews, and scheduling appointments right from their phone.

Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. Is Expanding

As the need for our services grows, so do we! Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. is continually expanding and offering our services to more homeowners nationwide, creating spaces that their families will enjoy for a lifetime.

Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. is the market-leading franchisor of premium residential and commercial outdoor living services with multiple established national brands — Archadeck, Conserva Irrigation, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Get started with us today!