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The Benefits of Franchising with Archadeck

What Archadeck Offers Franchise Owners

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the most important part of building a deck is a sturdy foundation. This deck is there to support you and your loved ones every day as it gives you the opportunity to make memories and thrive.

Like that strong, sturdy deck, Archadeck provides a supporting, reliable, and stable foundation for our franchise owners as they journey into business ownership. If you’re considering joining the Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. family through an Archadeck franchise, read on to learn more.


For over 40 years, Archadeck has been designing and building outdoor living spaces in communities across North America, becoming an industry-leading home improvement franchise. This offers peace of mind to our franchise owners as they start their business with a trustworthy company boasting a proven business model.


An Archadeck franchise owner never has to worry about going at it alone. Whether you have a background in business and construction or are a complete novice, we are here to help you jump into the industry with us standing right beside you.

Our training benefits include:

  • An Archadeck University training program.
  • Lead generation, including print ads, online marketing, referral programs, and grassroots tactics.
  • Guidance with annual marketing plans to coincide with your yearly growth goals.
  • State-of-the-art technology tools to simplify your workflow.
  • Direct access to top suppliers.
  • A franchise partner network that can provide guidance, support, and advice.
  • Field training in your local market.


Entrepreneurship is hard work. However, as your franchise grows, you will have the opportunity to find that work-life balance you crave. With flexible hours, the chance to create your own schedule, and a love for the work you do, you will find the freedom you’ve always wanted.

A Resilient Industry

As we have seen over the past few years, we never know what could happen in our world. However, in 2020, Archadeck experienced exponential growth:

“We saw increasingly strong consumer demand for outdoor living spaces, which we design and build at Archadeck, as consumers spent more time at home riding out COVID and put an emphasis on home maintenance and improvement,” said Chris Grandpre, CEO of Archadeck’s parent company Outdoor Living Brands, Inc.

Archadeck is proud to be part of a resilient industry that thrives through uncertainty. Many individuals are seeking a quieter life and a connection to the outdoors, making our services as in demand as ever.

Join Us!

Our strong foundation is ready to begin supporting your franchise journey today. Contact our team to get started and answer any questions you might have about franchising with Archadeck.